Among Us


In Among Us you’ll have to cooperate with the other resistance members to stop the Alien invasion. You will displace the agents, bring together the scientists and free the districts of your city from the Aliens, before these ones assimilate you.

Aliens are among us! Coming from a distant planet, they do not have peaceful intentions: they are ready to assimilate humanity to make us grey, small and flabby just like them. Don’t panic! You can count on a group of brilliant scientists who can find for sure a way to stop the imminent invasion. The problem is that at the alarm they ran away to the four corners of the city. They might have a brain, but they surely lack of guts. Fortunately, a lot of agents have those guts and, following your instructions and uncaring about the danger, they will bring back the lost scientist. The risk that you, or another member of the resistance, is found by the Aliens is high. If that happened, you would end up with two antennas on your head and ready to sabotage secretly the efforts of your old earthling mates.

Among Us is a 4 up to 8 players game, that starts in a totally cooperative mode, but during the game could turn into a “face to face” between humans and Aliens if the first are assimilated by the seconds.
You will try to save all scientists on the map before the Alien invasion is completed. For doing that, you will have to displace the agents, plan the events to delay the arrival of the Alien Mothership and turn the situation in your favor, unmask the resistance members who have been assimilated by accusing them. But you have to be careful not to become an Alien, because in that case you’ll have to act against the humans without they realize it.

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