The Long Road


Bring the steers through prairies and highlands to the livestock markets of the Far West, where it will take place the sale of the steers and the proceeds will be splitted between the players. All’s fair, so be smart and arm yourself to the teeth to get the major part of the loot.

In the old West, the players have the difficult job of bringing big herds of steers through the flat lands and the highlands to the livestock markets. During the journey, the players will try to lead the long herd following their own best path. Reached the destination, the proceeds will be splitted. The split, however, will follow the rules of the Far West: the best armed (or the smartest) will take the largest part of the loot!

The Long Road is a 2 up to 4 player merciless game in which the winner is who gets the most money selling herds brought to the markets.
Create your team of sketchy characters, play the caravan cards that will help you bringing the herds to destination, assign your characters to the caravan and give to them weapons so that, when the caravan will reach destination, you will have some good points to get your part of proceeds. Your characters will in fact give you money depending on their ability and on their value that can be increased by their weapons.

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