Smash Up:
È Colpa Vostra! & Big in Japan


Two in One! È Colpa Vostra and Big in Japan: a double expansion for double the fun!
Mix and match these decks with the base game and start an epochal battle for the domination of the universe!

Paul Peterson
Artisti vari

                     12+           30-45           2-4

È Colpa Vostra! is really your fault, since the expansion was born from a survey promoted by AEG on what the public would like most. Players from all over the world responded and this set is the result! In the end, the factions chosen were the Sharks, Superheroes, Mythical Greeks, and Dragons. In addition, as a bonus, there is also the faction of the Tornadoes, inserted almost certainly to be able to give life to the combo “Shark-nado”, whose mention alone deserves the purchase of the set! As usual this is a complete game in its own right, but at the same time a perfect addition fused with any other set of the saga.

Smash Up: Big in Japan instead transports us into the world more kawaii that exists: the Japanese, of course! Four new factions taken directly from the pop culture of the rising sun: the Magical Girls, young girls fighting in unlikely clothes, the Bestiolines, small collectible monsters (who said Pokémon?!), the Mega Troopers, warriors in brightly colored suits (which are NOT Power Rangers) and… the Kaiju, great-grandchildren of Godzilla! But this set also offers an innovation: special cards called Titan that, when played, provide permanent bonuses by increasing the epicness of your faction!


In the box you will find 4 Evolution cards, 2 of which contain a printing error and should be discarded.