Machi Koro


You are the owner of a large company. Your objective will be to develop your city so that you can build all the Main Buildings before your opponents do.

Masao Suganuma


Noboru Hotta

                       7+               30              2-4  

As the owner of a large company you will try to develop your city to the best of your ability.
Therefore, make the most of your luck and be skillful. Earn money from the buildings you already own, invest it in new constructions and earn even more money. When you have reached the necessary amount, you can build the Main Buildings.
If you do it before your opponents, you will be the winner.

Machi Koro: Plus

Machi Koro Plus is an expansion for the base game Machi Koro that contains 13 new buildings, including the “Harbor”, “Flower Shop” and “Airport”. You can use them to increase your game possibilities and create even more bustling cities!

Machi Koro: Sharp

Machi Koro Sharp contains 13 new buildings, including the “Emporium”, the “Lending Agency” and the “Park”. It also introduces the new role: “Closed”, which makes the game even more interesting.