Go Nuts for Donuts


Go Nuts for Donuts is a fast-paced card game for the whole family to enjoy, but with a dash of strategy. Be smarter than your opponents and catch the freshly baked treats, but beware… if multiple players bet the same treat, no one gets it!

Zachary Eagle
Claire Donaldson

                       8+               20              2-6

In Go Nuts for Donuts, on each turn, reveal candies from the deck equal to the number of players plus one and secretly choose the candy you would like to grab. Then reveal your choice simultaneously: if more than one of you has chosen the same candy, it is discarded and no one gets it; if you are the only one who has chosen a candy, you can take it and play it in front of you. Some of the sweets have a special power that is activated when the card is taken and that makes the game even more exciting.

In the beautiful metal box of Go Nuts for Donuts you will also find two exclusive promo cards:
the SUSHI GO one and the IL DESERO PROIBITO one.

Go Nuts for Donuts: diet Free Deck

Go Nuts for Donuts: diet Free Deck is a deck of 25 more cards that introduces 10 extra treats.
The tempting new treats, such as apple pancakes or krapfen, can be added to the base game for an even more mouthwatering game.

Video Tutorial