Creepy Falls


Creepy Falls is a little town where scary monsters live and ruled by terrible vampires fighting for the power. You are one of these vampires and, with a faithful army of monsters, you will try to become the strongest vampire of the city, using any mean and at all costs.

Creepy Falls is a little town in which scary creatures and vampires hungry for blood live. As a vampire, you will have to send your minions with specific abilities (Ghouls, Mummies, Frankesteins’ Monsters, Werewolves, and Witches) to occupy Creepy Falls’ most strategic positions and to increase your influence.
So forget about mercy, which is for weak humans. Turn everytime in a different creature, doesn’t matter if a fierce Beast or a Pack of Rats, and cast powerful spells. Remember that everything is allowed in Creepy Falls, because you are the Vampire.

Creepy Falls is a 2 to 5 players game in which the winner is the one who gains more power than the others. In each one of the 6 rounds of the game, you must choose your vampiric form, that will give you an exclusive advantage for the ongoing round. Then you must place the token on the different zones of the map, but you have to be careful, because every monster has his power: Ghouls, Mummies, Frankesteins’ Monsters, Werewolves, and Witches… every token has his rules, so use the right one at the right moment! Werewolves and witches are the most dangerous, because they steal victory points from the other players who have put their tokens in their same zone, so these creatures can be really, really annoying!
When the placing is over, on each zone are distributed the advantages depending on who has the most tokens. You will be able to use your materials to make your army bigger, or cast spells, which will give you permanent bonuses. But watch yourself from Van Helsing! You know, monsters can’t stay by him, so his zone is off limits for everyone. But you can use everything to your vantage, moving Van Helsing to a zone which is strategic for someone else.
In the end of the 6 rounds, the vampire with the most power points is the new leader of Creepy Falls!

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