Chronicles of Crime:Welcome to Redview


Redview has always been a quiet American town. In the hot summer of 1985, however, very strange things begin to happen. You and your friends want to figure out what’s going on. You’ve given yourselves a name: Redview Mystery Gang and from now on, your days will be anything but boring!

David Cicurel, Ghislain Masson
Noboru Hotta

                     2-4               30               7+

It’s the 80’s and Redview, a small quiet town in Maine, will be shocked by strange phenomena. You and your friends will form the Mystery Gang to solve the mysteries and figure out who or what is behind what is happening.
Compared to the base game, Welcome to Redview introduces the roles of the investigators. Thus you’ll be able to choose which of the 6 young detectives you want to play: maybe Alex, with a nice mouth, or Tom, strong and athletic. Together with the other members of the Mystery Gang you’ll have to face certain tests and it will be essential to make the best use of your intelligence, physical fitness and speaking skills, as well as the energy at your disposal. Also, Welcome to Redview can’t be played at night… you’re still a teenager with parents who want you home by a certain time!

Welcome to Redview is an expansion to Chronicles of Crime and, as such, requires the base game to play. You can find more information about how the app works on the Chronicles of Crime page: