Cacao is a placement game that immerses players in the exotic world of the ‘fruit of the Gods’. As the leader of your tribe, you’ll have to lead your people to prosper through the cultivation and trade of cocoa, and to do so, you’ll have to manage their positions on the ‘job’ as best you can.

Phil Walker-Harding
Claus Stephan

                       8+               45              2-4

In Cacao, each player has his own deck of worker tiles with a variable number of workers indicated on each side. The initial playing area consists of only two tiles: a cocoa field and a small market.
During your turn you must place one of your worker tiles adjacent to those already present. Depending on the position you choose, you will be able to earn cocoa, sell it for gold, create your own water supply, try to get gold for the final count thanks to the temples.
When all the players’ tiles are used up, the game ends. The one who has collected the most gold wins.

Also included in the game is the expansion “La Radura”.

Cacao: Cioccolato

Cacao: Cioccolato contains 4 expansion modules that can be added to the base game Cocoa either individually or in any combination.
any combination.

An expansion for 2-4 chocolate lovers, ages 8 and up.

Cacao: Diamante

Cacao: Diamante contains 4 different expansion modules that can be integrated individually or in any combination into the base game Cocoa. In addition, these modules can be combined with those of Cacao: Cioccolato in any way. The “Super Gioco” variant also makes it possible to play using all available modules and elements of the base game together.