The one you see in the picture is Marley and he was born on November 21, 2015. Calling him just a dog, in particular golden retriever, would be reductive, because Marley is the mascot of uplay.it since when, still a puppy, he began to breathe the air of games settling in our offices. Being more photogenic than all of us, he was soon promoted to the role of ‘poster dog’, to his great satisfaction. With his simplicity, playfulness and zest for action, in his own way Marley fully represents the spirit of uplay’s spirit.

uplay.it is a reference point for traditional non-electronic entertainment related to board games, card games and society games, mainly aimed at families and passionate gamers.

The company has focused its efforts to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professionalism, reliability and quality assurance.

Founded in 2010 as an online store, for years the main one in the specialized sector in Italy, uplay.it since 2011 has opened its own publishing channel, publishing over the years hundreds of titles for the Italian and foreign markets, thus expanding its range of action, and creating innovative and dynamic products, able to offer long-term entertainment with a modest and competitive purchase investment. In addition to implementing in its products refined game mechanics to satisfy both the most discerning palates and casual gamers, the company has always paid meticulous attention to the artistic and manufacturing quality, thus becoming a brand known and appreciated internationally.

On the pages of www.edizioni.uplay.com there are all the titles published for the Italian market.