The one you see in the picture is Marley and he was born on November 21st 2015. Calling him just dog, in particular golden retriever, would be reductive, because Marley has been Uplay’s mascotte since he was a puppy, when he started breathing air of games and staying in our offices.
Since he’s more fotogenic than all of us, he soon became the ‘poster dog’, with his great satisfaction. With his simplicity, happiness and will to do in his way, Marley represents Uplay’s spirit.

In fact uplay.it was born in 2009, specializing in marketing, publication and distribution of board and card games in Italy.

Today it represents a reference point in the business, becoming the leader in terms of quantity and variety of games offered together with an always on time delivery.

To this day, uplay.it is the best-known online store in Italy, with Italy, with more than 600 mq covered warehouse, more than 20000 different game titles coming from worldwide publishers and self developed software solutions, using the cutting edge web, multimedia and database technologies. It guarantees 24 hours delivery on the National territory and fast deliveries across Europe and to the rest of the world for both customers and retailers.

uplay.it is also the official and exclusive publisher for the Italian versions of some of the last years most famous board games, including the “Spiel de Jahres” winners: Agricola, Camel Up, Village, Isle of Skye and many other best sellers, critically acclaimed and well-beloved. uplay.it is also official and exclusive distributor for the Italian territory for important Companies like the German publisher Pegasus Spiele and the French publisher Ferti.

uplay.it is more than ever synonym of professionality, reliability and quality assurance. Based on its experience and on the results obtained in the Italian language board game publication
(to this day it published about 100 items), uplay.it started the internal
development of new products intended for the Italian and international market, focusing on the creation of games that could fit in a transverse larger audience, so the objective is to offer innovative and dynamic family products that could reach a larger number of users and that gamers can enjoy as well: a long term entertainment with a low and competitive retail price, without compromising the quality, flagship of the Company.

The limited edition of Principi di Firenze, Brethren of the Cost, Among Us, Creepy Falls and The Long Road are the new products of this line, all of them developed with care and attention to the game mechanics, graphics and components, as well as produced with the highest quality standards.

Since 2016, with the goal to extend the Italian market coverage and to strengthen its direct presence on the territory, uplay.it inaugurated its Franchising division, opening the first two brick and mortar shops in Genova and Torino. This follows the willingness to provide a more traditional sale approach, that the publisher always thought to be crucial for the product diffusion, and on the other side has the aim to introduce a new vision for the Italian market, where the shop looks like a boutique able to guarantee competence, assistance and an always up-to-date offer, pursuing the objective to strengthen his role of reference point for the non electronic entertainment distribution.